Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FVO Night Event - Minewoods & Bridge of Allan

I organised tonights event which was 5.0k with 18 controls. James Tullie won in 41.35, with Will Hensman second 12 seconds behind and Steve Barrett third a further 4 seconds down.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

INT Club Championships - Craigmillar Castle

The flier for the event said that "Craigmillar provides a unique combination of parkland, intricate contour detail and complex urban terrain. An unspeakable nettlefest in the summer, the winter reveals it in all its glory. The urban area comprises three distinct sections. Craigmillar is a recently built affordable housing complex. The Thistle Foundation, formerly a closed community for disabled servicemen, is being restored as another housing estate. Greendykes Farm is a former council estate, now a deserted ghost town in the process of demolition (this has already begun, some areas with demolition in progress are mapped out of bounds)."

With a map made by Scott Fraser and Graeme Ackland, and courses planned by Graeme Ackland, this was an event not to be missed. I ran the long course which was 8.1k with 31 controls.


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

FVO Night Event - Abbey Craig

Jon Cross planned a testing long course which was 4.7k with 30 controls. James Tullie scored his third successive victory, with Steve Nicholson second and Ross McLennan third.


Part 1 map.

Part 2 map.