Sunday, June 27, 2010

TAY Long O - Menstrie and Alva Hills

This years Tayside Orienteers Long O took place in the western Ochil Hlls and was based at the Sheriffmuir Inn - one of the best hostelries in the area! I ran the Short course which was 9.1k with 380m of climb and 7 controls.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Jukola - Jaanankallio


Skotlanti 50. From left to right: John Tullie, Donald Petrie, Graham McIntyre, Rob Bloor, Steve Barrett, Roger Coombs and me.

Photo from Jukola website.

I last orienteered in Finland over 30 years ago - as part of the British team at the World Students at Jyvaskyla in 1978 and as part of the British squad preparing for the World Championships at Tampere in 1979.

This time I was back as part of Skotlanti 50 - a band of over 50 year old Scottish orienteers who fancied running in Jukola 2010 - the biggest orienteering relay in the World and a race everybody should do before they die! The 7 man team comprised of (in leg order): myself, Roger Coombs, Steve Barrett, Rob Bloor, Graham McIntyre, Donald Petrie and John Tullie.

First leg of Jukola, with 1535 other runners, was like nothing else I've ever experienced, with my main goals being to hold onto the map and not get trampled! My course was 9.8k with 20 controls, and was relentlessly tough and technical. I took 114 minutes, having made mistakes at 3, 12 and 14, and came back in 617th position. The team put together a solid set of runs and eventually finished in 408th.

Tv coverage of the start.
Video of the start on You Tube.
Another video from You Tube.
Video from You Tube showing mistakes made by some of the top teams.
Roger's account of his second leg run.

Note: We started our trip with some training at Usmi on Thursday, 17th June, (getting a rude reminder about how tough Finnish orienteering can be!), before running the M50 course (4.6k with 14 controls) at Tuusula and spectating at the first leg of the Nordic Tour.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

ESOC Long O - Pentland Hills

Mike Stewart of ESOC planned 3 courses for the Long O in the Pentland Hills, to the south of Edinburgh - a Long of 20k, a Short of 10k and a 3 hour Score event. I opted for the Short which was 10k with 600m of climb and 10 controls, and which posed some good route choices on a number of legs.


Sunday, June 06, 2010

GRAMP SOL 4 - Scolty

Grampian Orienteers organised the 4th Scottish Orienteering League race of 2010 at Scolty, near Banchory. I ran M50L (Short Brown course) which was 7.0k with 190m of climb and 16 controls.


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

FVO Evening Event - Dumyat

Roger Goddard planned tonights courses. I ran the Long course which was 4.6k with 15 controls.