Wednesday, February 28, 2007

FVO Night Event - Touch Estate

I planned one course which was 7.7k with 21 controls (- with a short option of 5.8k with 14 controls - by going from 7 - 15!) with pre-marked, waterproof maps and a mass start. The area containing controls 3, 4, 5, 17 and 18 was contour only - black and blue features removed! Controls were reflective tape - no punching! 21 people ran. Steve Nicholson just won the long from Will Hensman and Steve Barrett held off son Jack, to win the short.


Map with course.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

STAG Boulder Bonanza - Allean

Allean is situated to the north west of Pitlochry and is a rocky area with lots of boulders. The Boulder Bonanza is a 60 minute score event with controls on every boulder and, as I found out afterwards, on boulderfields too. There were 79 controls and I got all those I'd marked on my map prior to the start (ca 70!) in 66 minutes. Great fun and with spring like weather, it made for a memorable day!

Video of me at Allean. Squeeking Active Ankles are audible!


Map with my course.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

FVO Night Event - Abbey Craig

I planned one course which was 4.1k with 20 controls (with a short option by going from 7 - 11 and 14 - 18 which was 3.2k with 14 controls) with pre-marked maps and a mass start. Controls were reflective tape - no punching! 23 people ran. Steve Nicholson won the long and Abi and Louise Longhurst dead heated on the short.


Part 1 map with course.

Part 2 map with course.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

NOR Single Dumpling Event - Sheringham Park and Weybourne Heath

Running in the same forest as the the previous night, I was struck by how much more runnable it seemed in daylight! The forest seemed far less brambly and generally much cleaner underfoot! M50L was 6.9k with 240m of climb and 19 controls, and took me 50 minutes. My time was enough for victory in my age class, but saw me "pipped" by two M45's - Michael Belshaw, BAOC and Andy Hyslop, WAROC. I was pleased with my run - my only mistake being missing the first control which was in a pit.


Part 1 map with my course.

Part 2 map with my course.

Part 1 map with my route.

Part 2 map with my route.

NOR British Night Champioships - Sheringham Park and Weybourne Heath


It was good to return to Norfolk after an absence of 21 years! The last time I was there was for the JK in 1986, when I ran M21E in an area just east of Sheringham. Today, I ran M50L which was 6.4k with 210m of climb and 16 controls. I ran reasonably well, save for a few minor wobbles (- mostly in bramble patches!) and took 55 minutes, to record a narrow victory from Colin Dickson and Vince Joyce. It proved to be a good evening for FVO, with Stuart Thomson and Jon Cross winning their classes (M16 and M40L respectively); and former team mate, Nick Barrable, winning M21L.


Map with my course.

Map with my route.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

EUOC SoSOL - Holyrood and Meadowfield Parks

Holyrood and Meadowfield Parks includes Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh - an area I last ran on some 25 years ago when I competed in a fell race there and also the 7 Hills of Edinburgh race. I entered the Brown course which was 8.7k with a whopping 550m of climb and 27 controls. I took 72 minutes which gave me fourth place behind Steve Nicholson, Ben Hartman and Graeme Ackland. I was running with Steve for part of the course - he got away at 18 where I lost time - probably as a consequence of the previous leg which involved a savage climb. I also lost time at 20 - where I drifted too far east.


Holyrood and Meadowfield Parks on Google Earth.

Map with my course.

Map with my route.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

ESOC Sprint O - Dalmeny Estate

The ESOC Sprint O comprises two legs - a first race followed by a chasing sprint. This years venue was Dalmeny Estate - a mixtute of small woods, fields and parkland near South Queensferry on the south side of the Forth Estuary. I was running the long course, which had a first leg of 4.6k with 140m of climb and 11 controls. I took 29 minutes and finished 5th - was a bit scrappy into 1 and 2, and leaving 3; but was otherwise reasonably satisfied.

Leg 1 results.
Leg 1 splits.

Leg 1 map with my course.

Leg 1 map with my route.

Steve Nicholson who won the first leg did not start the second, so I started in 4th place. The course was 3.2k with 60m of climb and 9 controls. I dropped to 7th before the first crossing ca 100m north east of the start (- one runner who started 36 seconds behind had passed me by the crossing!) and was pleased to fight back to finish third overall.

Leg 2 results.
Leg 2 splits.
Overall results.

Leg 2 map with my course.

Leg 2 map with my route.

After the event we went to a lovely tea room in South Queensferry with other members of FVO and then went over the Forth Road Bridge to North Queensferry to look for the killer whales that have been in the estuary for the past few days. Got a distant view of one as it surfaced to the east of the Rail Bridge.

Killer whale in Forth Estuary.