Monday, October 06, 2008

Veterans Home International - Northern Ireland

The Veterans Home International includes representative teams from each of the four nations - Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland, and takes place every autumn.

It covers classes M/W35-M/W60 inclusive, with 2 runners representing each country in each class.

This years VHI took place in Northern Ireland (alongside the Northern Ireland Orienteering Championships), with the individual taking place on an open sand dune area on the north coast and the relays taking place in a wooded plantation just north of Belfast.


Veterans Home International Individual - Magilligan East

Magilligan is an area of open sand dunes to the west of Coleraine and is very complex in places. I had run there in the British Championships in 2002, so had a good idea what to expect.

This time I ran the M50 course which was 6.3k with 17 controls. I took 45:40 and finished second behind fellow Scot John Tullie. The Scottish team produced a number good results which gave them a narrow lead over the English after the first days competition.


Map with course.

Map with my route.


Veterans Home International Relay - Woodburn Forest South

Woodburn Forest was runnable in places, but "bramble hell" in others!

I ran third (of four) legs and was sent out in the lead after solid performances by John Tullie and Ann Haley. My course was 4.6k course with 13 controls and despite losing a bit of time on a couple of legs whilst trying to avoid brambles, I handed over to Lorna Eades in the lead, a position she held.

English teams packed well to secure overall victory in the relays, but could not make up the points defecit from the individual race; which meant Scotland recorded victory over the two days.


Overall VHI results.

Map with course.

Map with my route.


Rusky said...
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Rusky said...

Hi, two maps very different... I'm surprised to watch your long route in the first race. You've used many paths, but aren't they sandy?
In the future I want translate my blog in english so you and your friends can read italian experiences.

Martin Dean said...

Hi Rusky,

The paths weren't too sandy and were much faster than the rest of the area which had long grass making it slow going.

Great news to hear that your blog will have an English translation in future!

Best wishes


Rusky said...

Hi, I and Mary read your blog to learn english... well! Our translation will be not perfect...

Rusky said...

Hi, I tried a little translation... If there are mistakes... you write to Mary!